Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Over the past few months I have been pondering the word “testimony”.  What does it really mean?  In court, when you give testimony, you are retelling your side of the story, honestly, and to the best of your ability.  Dictionary.com states that testimony is a declaration of a witness, evidence in support of a statement, or an open declaration as in faith.  When one gives their personal testimony whether in a court of law, in a religious setting, or somewhere else, I suppose s/he could use the sentence frame, “I believe X, and the reasons why are A, B, & C.”

In essence, your testimony is your personal story.  It’s who are now and how you became who you are.  It’s all of the moments in your life that have lead you to today.  On a spiritual level, your testimony is what you believe and why you believe it – the experiences that have lead you to what you believe.

Thinking about my testimony, has lead me to realize that there are many remarkable things that have happened to me throughout my life, and sadly, unless you have known me for a very long time, you probably don’t know much of it.  In fact, most of the people that I spend most of my time with (co-workers, recent/newer friends) know nothing about my story.  And, I’m not saying this is bad – but I feel as though God is prompting me to reveal a bit of myself.

So, New Years resolution #1: Begin the year revealing pieces of my testimony.  And what better avenue to do that in than in cyberspace for all of humanity to critique, right?  I pretty much figure that not many people read my blog (or facebook posts for that matter) so I am entering in to a fairly safe audience.  However, that being stated, let me remind you that revealing oneself to others (especially if you are a rock solid introvert) is pretty terrifying.  I don’t want to get political.  I’m not into arguing theology via the World Wide Web.  And I hate drama. 

I simply want to tell some stories about my life.  Worst case scenario: you will hate them - in which case you can stop reading at any moment.  Best case scenario: you will love them and maybe even find a glimmer of inspiration to tell your own story to someone – or even to me!  I would love that.

I think maybe, we all have remarkable stories to tell, but for whatever reason, we don’t.  We keep them inside of ourselves, like secrets. Why is that?  I’m guessing fear of criticism is a big factor.  So, I’m taking a leap of faith here…be kind…please.

Stay tuned for my 1st story…

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